Designer Chidanand Hiremath
"C-Dan is the man! When it comes to inventive graphic designing and customer satisfaction, his services are second to none. He truly has a knack for transforming compelling visions and intricate ideas into vivid works of genius. He has in fact helped me to embellish many of my personal and business undertakings — from book, flyer, and website designs all the way to troubleshooting tough technical tasks. I am very pleased with the on-going business relationship I share with C-Dan. If you’re looking for quality and attention to details, I strongly recommend C-Dan."

Dr. Perry Wiseman,
School Principal, Author & Educational Consultant
CEO, WiseFoundations
California, USA
"Chidanand Hiremath has transformed and extended the worth of my magazine Film India Worldwide from the time we enlisted his services.His web design for my website has been noted and admired by my readers.He has also placed the magazine and my name on Facebook which has been extremely well received.
Belonging to the old school that is familiar mainly with print media, the kins of ideas and energy that Chidanand has brought to my work has been invaluable."

Uma da Cunha
Casting Director, Festival Curator & Journalist
Editor, Film India Worldwide
Mumbai, India
“I’m fresh off the best experience, in my 30 as a Software Developer, with a creative talent! I have never met or ever talked to the man but, he delivered amazing graphics along with the html and css needed to launch my latest site. C-Dan is not only a talented artist, he engaged me in a way that both fulfilled his artistic vision and my requirements. We worked iteratively; he followed up and was timely in his activities. Will I work with him in the future? I already am…”

Chris Black
Software Developer
Owner, DyQuest
California, USA
"As the year of 2011 drew to a close, I had the pleasure of interacting with C-Dan for the very first time. I believe that Passion is the lifeblood of Art. Art is Life itself. As I spoke with C-Dan, he wowed me with the sheer passion he has for life and art. He is creative for the sake of creativity, tending to ideas as a gardener would to a bed of flowers. We all need to make money, don't we - and yet, I have come to know C-Dan as someone to whom money is incidental, a justifiable and natural outcome of nurturing his immense talents - much like the multitude of flowers that will bloom in this lovingly-tended garden. I am happy to know C-Dan not only as an astute professional, but also as a good human being, an ethical consumer, a vegan, a chocolate lover, and a boundless traveler. Rest assured of the quality of his work! He is my foremost choice for any creative graphical challenge."

Anupam Katkar
Writer & Poet
IT Project Manager, Tata Communications
Mumbai, India
"Whether you’re working on a playful and fun project or an attention-grabbing company brand, C-Dan can create an innovative design for you. He’s creative, quick to deliver, and enthusiastic to do whatever it takes to meet your needs. In fact, both my husband and I call on C-Dan over and over again to help us solidify our ideas—transforming mere inspirations to impressive designs. You will be satisfied, guaranteed!"

Samantha Wiseman
Owner of How Sweet!
California, USA